At Idaho State University, I teach a wide range of classes, from introductions to the English major to graduate seminars in modernism. All of my courses emphasize foundational methods in literary studies, and include a deliberate mixture of canonical and non-canonical works (in fact, any class I teach likely includes substantial discussion of canonicity as a concept). Given my background in teaching writing, I am also committed to the value of academic writing as a vehicle for intellectual engagement and expression.

Courses Taught at Idaho State University

6632: Graduate Seminar in Teaching Literature
6625: Graduate Seminar in British Modernism
6612: Introduction to Graduate Studies in English
6610: Careers in English
4469/5569: Contemporary Literature
4468/5568: Early Twentieth-Century Literature
3327: Special Topics in Genre: Comics
3323: Genre Studies in Fiction: The Novel
3311: Literary Criticism and Theory
2268: Survey of British Literature II
2211: Introduction to Literary Analysis
1102: Writing and Rhetoric II
HONS 1102: Honors Humanities II
HONS 1101: Honors Humanities I